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Working With An Orthopedist

A few years ago, I decided to take up running. I was bad at it at first, but after a few months, I got more comfortable. Unfortunately, right when I got good at running, I developed a bad pain in my left foot. At first, I decided to push past the pain, but it quickly became excruciating. I realized that it might be a good idea to talk with a doctor about my problem, and so I met with an orthopedist. He carefully watched my gait as I ran, and he decided to take some images to check out my bone health. It turned out that I had developed a stress fracture, and my doctor recommended surgery. This blog is all about ways that an orthopedist can help you, so that you can enjoy your hobbies.


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Working With An Orthopedist


4 Interesting Facts About Ankle Sprains

Whether hurt while playing a sport or injured while walking at home, an ankle sprain can be a painful, immobilizing issue. The swelling is not only uncomfortable and unattractive, but the sprain can reduce your ability to walk, stand, and complete simple daily task. While it is common, most people do not fully understand the development and treatment of this injury. Here are a few interesting facts about a sprained ankle.