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A few years ago, I decided to take up running. I was bad at it at first, but after a few months, I got more comfortable. Unfortunately, right when I got good at running, I developed a bad pain in my left foot. At first, I decided to push past the pain, but it quickly became excruciating. I realized that it might be a good idea to talk with a doctor about my problem, and so I met with an orthopedist. He carefully watched my gait as I ran, and he decided to take some images to check out my bone health. It turned out that I had developed a stress fracture, and my doctor recommended surgery. This blog is all about ways that an orthopedist can help you, so that you can enjoy your hobbies.

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Working With An Orthopedist

Benefits Of Wearing Foot Orthotics

by Jessie Hawkins

Feet have intricate structures sensitive to constant exposure to taxing activities, like walking on hard surfaces. They are also vulnerable to diseases like diabetes and arthritis. In addition, some people have feet defects that make their feet even more susceptible to injuries. Thus, it is essential to protect your feet against disease or wear and tear. Orthotics are the best solution to safeguard your feet since a physician recommends them after evaluating your needs. Examples of orthotics include ankle braces and heel casts. Here are reasons why you should consider wearing them: 

Improves Your Comfort

Generic shoe insoles can provide some sense of comfort and support, but they cannot fully meet individual needs. Conversely, physician-prescribed orthotics conform to the shape of your feet; thus, they fit your feet perfectly. Consequently, custom orthotics support your feet and promote steadiness when you stand for long periods and walk. Aside from your feet, your joints, legs, and back also experience pressure when you walk and stand. Custom orthotics absorb shocks that can destabilize your legs, joints, and back, thus minimizing an active lifestyle's impact on bodily deterioration.

Mitigates Inflammation

Certain diseases like arthritis and diabetes can cause chronic foot and ankle pain, while poor foot positioning can cause chronic back and knee pain, hampering mobility. Regularly wearing the wrong shoes can harm foot tissues and joints, resulting in acute pain. Custom orthotics can help reduce back, knees, ankle, and foot pain by providing support and comfort to your feet. Orthotics also helps realign your feet and relieves pressure from your feet to promote recovery, thus improving overall motion.

Improves Athleticism

Feet endure a lot of pressure during running, lifting, and jumping. Irregular bodyweight distribution can cause blisters, sprains, and fractures, hindering athletic activity, thus reducing body fitness. Wearing custom orthotics can help improve your athleticism by evenly distributing body weight, thus reducing pressure on vulnerable areas. Additionally, orthotics are customizable for specific activities. For example, they increase balance and improve movement, encouraging longer workouts and reducing muscle strain.

Wholesome Wellness

Custom orthotics help improve your general health since they relieve chronic and acute pain, cushion your joints, legs, and back against forces generated by motion, and support exercise. For example, for a person with diabetes, it reduces the chances of foot swelling and ulcers. Conversely, healthy people reduce their chance of developing arthritis by preventing joint trauma. Ultimately, orthotics lower the strain on your body, thus encouraging body rejuvenation after a long active day.

For more information on orthotics, contact a professional near you.